Remington – spf-xf05 for capturecut Replacement Head for capturecut xf8505 and xf8705


Maintain the best condition of your shaver and get maximum shaving performance with the Remington SPF-XF05 CaptureCut Shaver Replacement Foil and Cutter Head. Engineered with sharp blades that effectively cut long and short hair without pulling or tugging for a comfortable shaving experience. It's designed to help you maintain your clean, consistent, and hair-free look and is made compatible with the CaptureCut xf8505 and xf8705 shavers.


1 x Remington SPF-XF05 CaptureCut Replacement Foil and Cutter Head


  • Keeps your shaver in the best condition to deliver the best performance
  • Effectively cuts long and short hair without pulling or tugging
  • Delivers a comfortable and close shave
  • Helps you maintain a clean, hair-free look
  • Compatible with CaptureCut xf8505 and xf8705 shavers

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