Philips SonicareHX8261/01 Airfloss Dental Irrigator White

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  • Cleans your entire mouth in just 30 seconds
  • For those who don't floss consistently, air Floss is an easy way to improve cleaning between teeth
  • Removes more plaque between teeth
  • Helps prevent cavities, helping to improve gum health in just 2 weeks*
  • Cordless: 2 weeks battery life on a full charge

The Quick and Easy Way to Floss

Taking good care of your teeth and mouth is essential because your oral health can directly affect your overall health. An effective daily routine will help prevent problems caused by poor oral health such as cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.

When flossing, it can often be difficult to reach trapped food. Brushing alone is not always enough to protect your gums from bacteria build-up. Philips Sonicare AirFloss takes the hassle and time consuming aspect away from manual flossing.

It supports the use of effective brushing by blasting away bits of trapped food and plaque that can build up between teeth. Including Philips Sonicare AirFloss as part of your daily dental care routine will help keep your whole mouth fresh

An Easy Way to Start

Interproximal cleaning is very important to overall oral health. AirFloss is an easy way to clean deeper between teeth, helping to form a healthy habit. After three months of using AirFloss, 96% of inconsistent flossers continued to use AirFloss four or more days per week.

30 Second Clean

With the AirFloss, cleaning your entire mouth takes just 30 seconds. Simply press the button once for a single burst, then move and repeat. To use the auto-burst feature, hold down the button and move the guidance tip from space to space. It will automatically burst every second.

Easy-Fill Reservoir

Fill the reservoir on the handle with either mouthwash or water for a refreshing clean, then point and shoot. The reservoir holds enough liquid for up to two uses.

Better Gum Health

Sonicare AirFloss is clinically proven to improve gum health in just two weeks.

Helps Prevent Cavities

By gently bursting away plaque that brushing missed, Sonicare AirFloss helps prevent cavities from forming in the spaces between your teeth.

Microburst Technology

The innovative AirFloss uses Philips' breakthrough Microburst technology that applies a quick burst of pressurised air and micro-water droplets to clean deep between teeth where a toothbrush can't reach.

Guidance Tip

The slim angled nozzle and guidance tip make finding the correct placement easy. Just slide along the tooth’s surface near the gum line until the tip fits into the groove between the teeth.

In order to get the most out of your AirFloss’ battery life, it is essential that you charge it for 24 hours before first use. If using mouthwash in the reservoir - check that your mouthwash does not contain Isopropyl Myristate, as this can damage the AirFloss.

Key Features:

  • Cleans your entire mouth in just 30 seconds
  • Removes more plaque between teeth
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Improves gum health
  • 2 weeks battery life on a full charge

Box Contains

1 x AirFloss Pro/Ultra Handle;

1 x AirFloss Pro/Ultra Nozzle;

1 x Charger

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