Hq9 / 50 Replacement Blades for Electric Razors


Product Description

A quick and quick shave. SpeedXL shaving heads for fast and fast shaving double razor system: the first blade lifts and the second cuts for a close and comfortable shave. Super Lift and Cut Technology. It adapts automatically to the curves of the face and neck. Heads per package: 3. Conforms to the product types: HQ8140 HQ8142 HQ8150 HQ8160 HQ8170 C&C HQ8174 HQ9100 HQ9140 HQ9160 HQ9170 HQ8141 HQ8155 HQ8172 HQ8173 HQ8200 HQ8240 HQ8241 HQ82269

Box Contains



  • 1 x Philips HQ9/50 Triple Track replacement shaving head unit


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