Braun Silk-Epil 5 Power 5780 Epilator, Hair Removal with 7 Extras Including Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap, White/Green


The Braun Women's Silk-Epil 5 SensoSmart 5870 Wet and Dry Epilator comes complete with 7 attachments for the ultimate hair removal session right at the comfort of your home. It's engineered with Close-grip technology powered by 40 tweezers that effectively remove hair down to 0.5 mm. It features a high-frequency massage system that stimulates the skin for a more comfortable and effortless experience. Improved with 2-speed settings for adaption to individual skin type.

The Silk-Epil 5 SensoSmart 5870 Wet and Dry Epilator is reinforced with SoftLift Tips that effectively lift flat-lying hair and directs them to the tweezer for complete hair removal. It's pivoting head gently adapts to the contours of your body for better skin contact and complete hair removal even in difficult areas. The cooling glove comfortably cools the skin before and soothes it after epilation. Finished with a smart light designed to reveal even the finest hair for extra thorough hair removal. 100% waterproof.


1 x Silk-épil 5 Power

1 x Shaver head

1 x Trimmer cap

1 x Sensitive cap

1 x Facial cap

1 x Efficiency cap

1 x Cooling glove

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Charging cable

1 x Pouch


  • 40-tweezer close-grip technology
  • Removes hair down to 0.5 mm
  • Pivoting head adapts to the contours of your body
  • High-frequency massage system stimulates the skin
  • SoftLift Tips lift flat-lying hair for complete hair removal
  • Cooling glove cools and soothes the skin before and after epilation
  • Smartlight reveals fine hairs
  • 100% waterproof

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