Gillette Contour Plus Cartridges Razor Blades, 10 Refills


The Gillette Contour Plus Cartridge is developed with Gillette wet shaving technology ensures a close, smooth, and comfortable shave for sensitive skin. It has a pivoting feature that follows the shape of your face, keeping the twin blades at the right angle for a closer shave. This Gillette Contour Plus Cartridges features lubricating strip to reduce friction and to protect the skin and prevents it from irritation. Available in a practical pack of 10, the refill cartridges are suitable with the Gillette Contour razor.


10 x Gillette Contour Plus Cartridges


  • 10 refill blade cartridges
  • Fits the Gillette Contour and Contour Plus Razor
  • Pivoting twin blades
  • Lubrastrip for smooth gliding
  • Wet shaving technology


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